Xbox One

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A space shooter where you load in a song from your library (mp3, ogg, and wav supported) and then shoot bad guys who are moving and pulsing to the beat of the song! Whee!

With four ships to choose from, and a song list as big and personalized as your own library, you may end up playing this game.... FOREVER!

(Seems unlikely, I agree. Still. Let me work on my marketing skills, okay? Here goes.)

The best game of ALL TIME can now be YOURS for the price of LITERALLY NO MONEY (although donations are highly encouraged). Your brain may actually physically melt out of your ears after you play this game to those crappy "songs" you made in Frooty Loops ten years ago!

Disclaimer: This game and creator are not responsible if your brain melts out of your ears. Plus I'm not even sure if that's physically possible. I didn't pay much attention in high school biology. I was too busy writing out Pink Floyd lyrics to impress girls. Note: This is a largely ineffective way to impress girls.