Spaghetti Forever | Xbox 360

Spaghetti Forever
Xbox 360

Controls: arrows to grate, X to move to next screen (and skip Hollywood production values intro cinematic)


This is my entry for the #ToyBoxJam! The idea is, you're given a set of sprites/sounds/music/code example and you have to make a game out of them. There's a lot of stuff, from characters to items, weapons, map stuff and visual effect. I decided to make cheese.

One more thing: I went for a self-imposed challenge and avoided using any function that draws on screen, even though stuff like rect() and line are allowed. Any graphical thingie you see is a stretched palette swapped sprite – and boy was that fun. I mean hard. Really really fun.

My submission is also on the Pico 8 website at this link. Cart name: spaghettiforever

(there's one nasty bug in the podracing level that I can't replicate and happens rarely... loud groan)