Xbox One

sphereFACE is a retro-styled 3D vector shooter, wrapped around the inside of a sphere.

An unashamedly abstract shooter that ranges from slow, strategic sniping to frantic rock-dodging action, with roguelike elements of exploration, progression, discovery and permadeath.GAMEPLAY
  • Destroy the "asteroids" in each sphere to unlock the hyperspace portals leading to other spheres, and navigate through a vast procedurally generated 3D space, homing in on the disturbance that woke you from slumber.
  • Sophisticated inertial flight dynamics on the inner surface of a sphere are difficult to master - agility, awareness and good reflexes are essential to survive.
  • Look freely around each sphere using mouselook, a controller, your keyboard, or even your VR headset.
  • Roguelike single-save system featuring permadeath.
  • Dark and twisted science fiction storyline.
  • Arcade style top-10 high score system.
  • Determine your own difficulty curve - progress cautiously and slowly, or charge in with guns blazing.
  • Stray too deep into the hyperspace tunnel network and it won't be long before you meet something that shoots back...
  • Collect and upgrade a variety of destructive and unusual weapons, such as the spreadGUN, gaussRIFLE, guidedROCKETS, spaceMINES, flameTHROWER and singularityCANNON.
  • Destroy "enemy" ships and catch their "powerups" to improve your weapons. That is what they are, right?
  • Fashion armour from smashed asteroid rock, and find movement augmentation devices such as reverseTHRUSTERS to improve your maneuverability.
  • Each weapon has its own strategy and learning curve, but the true sphereFACE master must learn to use them in concert with each other.
  • A full album length original score by five awesome professional musicians, featuring ambient electronica mingled with deep techno and a sprinkling of chiptune.
  • The game engine is completely custom built, which allows sphereFACE to have exactly the gameplay experience it needs with no limitations. The game is highly optimised and will run smoothly - even on that old notebook.
  • Fully configurable controls - bind any control to any key, mouse button, gamepad button or stick, joystick axis or even foot pedal; any combination of devices can be used to control the game.
  • Theme support - create and share a customised look for the game.
  • Simultaneous updates on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Ongoing development - new features and improvements added continuously, professional and highly responsive development team.