Xbox 360

Keyboard Controls: Arrows, Control-Left, Space, Escape

The fearsome Ballmaster has taken over Globe City. He was last seen on top of some building complex, emitting reddish and surely evil looking globular objects. Try find the Ballmaster and stop him before it's too late!

To accomplish your mission, you were equipped with a remote controlled Power Ball. This device has an electrically chargable hull, which can discharge explosively on contact with other objects. This makes for an (hopefully) effective weapon, but be careful though - your device also takes harm from too harsh impacts. Controls:

Arrows = Move in that direction (relative to view)
Space/Ctrl = Jump once or multiple times
Escape = Quit Mission or Game

/* dev. note: three hours turned into 16+ rather soon...:(. so far you can only play around a bit and without a winning condition still. will be continued over the next days... */