Spirit Kids | Xbox 360

Spirit Kids
Xbox 360

You follow Ricky the Racoon as he goes about his day meeting and playing with his friends. A Spirit Kid is a kid who dresses up as there spirit animal. Each kid has there own want/wish and it is shown by what animal represents them.

Name:Ricky The Racoon
April The Duck
Craig The Gator
4 1/2
Traits:Arrogant. Selfish. Tries to be nice but fails.
Sweet, caring. Too afraid of own shadow.
King of the jungle Gym. Has two young twin brothers, Mean, Spiteful.
Likes:TrashSharingWouldn't you like to know?
Dislikes:Wood Spirits & Hippies
Mean People, violence
YouFun fact:
Has his own blog
Doesn't like to eat meat
Loves to eat meat


 Here are the tools I used to make the stuff.

Art: Pro-create for iPad, Affinity designer

Music: FL Studio, Synth1 VST, MIDI keyboard, beer

Engine: Unity, Fungus


Thanks you for viewing my game. I'm proud of it and I'm working hard! I hope it turns out good and people have fun and laugh. 

A special thanks to my wife for helping me with ideas and "constructive criticism." Thanks for letting me bore you with my hobbies.