Spooky Starlets
Xbox One

Congratulations, you've died!

The afterlife is a strange place and even stranger still, you've been chosen for a very special work program. You've been tasked with the responsibility of creating a wide range of adult films for your new undead neighbors!

Spooky Starlets is a management simulator about creative expression, incorporating saucy adult content.

Live in a world inhabited by a variety of unique and interesting monsters, getting to interact and work with them in order to create imaginative and steamy movies!

What kind of works of art will you create? What will the legacy of your very own studio be? Who will you grow close with over time?

  • Create Your Own Adult Films!
    Pick the positions, the actors, the sets, express your fantasies!

  • Create New Friends!
    Make long-lasting connections and even relationships with the monsters you work with!

  • Grow Your Studio!
    Unlock rewards and upgrades for your studio, improve your craft and create bigger budget films over time!