Spring of Decadence / 堕落之春 | Xbox One

Spring of Decadence / 堕落之春
Xbox One

Mysterious girl named Katherine ventured out into the dangerous world alone. She met three men with different personalities during the journey. Some of them were strong, but some were cowardly. What kind of fun experience will Katherine have?

Players will experience a unique story after purchasing this game, take risks in a high degree of free world, even make Katherine develop relationships with various male characters at the same time, defeat the Depraved Witch and stop bad guys’ plans.

This game is a two dimensional pixel game with four underground cities to be explored by players and takes turn-based battles to defeat opponents. Players may face to some punishment if they lose.

This game includes exquisite drawings, a large number of costumes which can be collected via stores or underground cities, and trigger nearly a hundred different events. It will help you relax and have a good time after work.

ps. no english . sorry.