Square Game (bloopyturtle) | Xbox One

Square Game (bloopyturtle)
Xbox One

You've fallen into a pit in search of the legendary DASH ability, which rumors claim gives temporary invincibility to its users.  Follow the directions of a helpful square to find the ability.

(Or don't! Carve your very own, non-NPC directed path through these three tiny, linear levels! Absolutely no one can stop you.)

The square also says they'll give you something if you find it, so there's that too.

Loot and glory await! Maybe.

Controls (can't be reconfigured, sorry):
  • ASWD/arrow keys to move
  • Z to jump
  • X to attack
  • C to dash
  • ESC to pause
  • music - Flamescale Mountain by Radiarc
  • sound effects - freesound.org

The game is complete as is. It might be expanded on in the future into a full game, but that's not happening on this project page.