Star Fox 64 Clone | Xbox 360

Star Fox 64 Clone
Xbox 360

We cloned of Starfox 64 for our Intermediate Game Development final. Specifically, we cloned the Meteo level of the game. While we had to scope the game down so there's no final boss, we managed to get most of the enemy types: asteroids (small ones that can break apart, large ones that can't be shot) and Butterfly Enemies. We added in power-ups, bombs, a boost and a brake, as well as the famous barrel rolls! Originally we were going to do the entirety of the level, but with only four weeks to do everything we had to scope down the number of enemies to fight and then towards the end of the project we realized there wasn't enough time to add in a boss fight if we wanted to nail the rest of the level. 

Made by Sammy Chuang, George Machado, Mickey Torres and Leo Wang