State of Repair | Xbox One

State of Repair
Xbox One

   Made during the 2020 Global Game Jam.

   In this game, you repair a robot to fight an enemy robot that you can see in the top right corner of the screen. Your success in battle comes from choosing weapons and legs that give you advantages over the weapons/legs of the enemy robot.

    Walk up to tables and press the cycle key to go between components, and press the interact key on the table to pick up the component. Walking up close to a section on the robot will highlight where the component can be placed. Match the components to their spots, and choose wisely to win! When ready to fight, press the button next to the robot to deploy.

    After a little while, the enemy robot will deploy automatically and you have a few seconds to finish your work and deploy, otherwise you suffer a penalty.

    After a battle, you will see the line on the top of the screen move (moving right if you win, and left if you dont). Moving the "frontline" all the way to the right means you win, and moving the frontline all the way to the left means you lose.

    On a controller, the A button is interact, the b button is to cycle, and the dpad or stick is to move left/right and up/down on ladders.

    On keyboard, the wasd keys are for left right and up down on ladders, the e key is to interact, and the q key is to cycle.


Andrew L. - Programming/Game Design
David - Audio/Sound Design
Sam - Sprite Animation/Game Design
Johnny - Sprites/Environment Art
Andrew - Programming/UI/Design
TinyWorlds - Font