Stranded Sky | Xbox One

Stranded Sky
Xbox One

For my entry to the 2019 JAMCRAFT 4 game-jam I give you:


Completely unfinished; I lost several days in the middle of this Jame to a 1 in 20 *untraceable* crash, one that in the end I had to rewrite the game and generate the whole (smaller) world immediately on load to avoid. Quite honestly I'm just glad to have something that *loads* to submit, and (I think) a fun story told on a floating Voxel island to come back to and to finish making an actual game out of at a later date.

Long story short you capsize from your ship as it warps through *dun dun duuuun* "The Old World", a shattered remnant of a place.

Ultimately the story is about the struggle to survive while awaiting the slim hope of rescue. A bit easy at the moment as survival mechanics are not fully implemented yet. You will however get updates every morning from the mind of your capsize-ee on the current situation and objectives... until the dread sets in.


Left Click to "mine" a voxel away (no items), Right Click to "build" a wood plank block.

Press R to see the inoperative crafting menu and I to see the largely working but still useless inventory screen.

Escape key will pause and unpause the game, and give you the option to save & load your world, or quit.


 - The game hangs for a while on load!
Yep, that's the glorious lag of the game generating the whole little world for you. Just wait a few seconds

 - The 32 bit version is even slower to load and stuttery!
Absolutely correct, but it is there on the off chance someone needs it. Can't do anything about it's performance at this stage unfortunately.

 - Crafting and inventory barely exist at all and do nothing
Absolutely correct! Ran out of time. Sorry!
 - What's with the frozen lightning?
Time constraints meaning I couldn't add the plot-related storm in on time (let alone the hunger, crafting or gathering mechanics!) so it's there because it looks nice.

 - Lighting from the sky only updates after a few seconds of pausing the game.
Yea I'm as baffled as you but I've left it in for now.
Make sure to pause the game when it gets proper dark and let it update for some

Also of note Saving and Loading can get a little weird with new blocks, not erasing them on load back to prior state. This will be solved as soon as a load forces a full scene reload.