Strange Therapy | Xbox 360

Strange Therapy
Xbox 360

Note: The game may contain lag on firefox. I recommend using different browser for now.

A game about loss, love, life and hope.

Heavily inspired by Coming Out Simulator 2014, I invite you to a journey through my personal experience.

You were a college student. It was near the end of a semester so you were just another crazy kid taking one test and another. After the first test, you visit your parent's house and find out that your dog has lost a lot of weight...


  • Multiplatform, multibrowser support(PC and mobile - If the game is not supported in your environment please let me know - chrome browser is recommended)
  • 5 - 40 minutes of story rich gameplay, depending on your choices

Programming/Art was done by myself

Audio credits, source code and etc can be found on Github.

Any type of feedback and sharing would be much appreciated.

Please consider supporting the game if you liked it. Thank you!

Twitter: @digitalchemist1