Strobophagia | Xbox One

Xbox One

Strobophagia is currently in development, however feel free to download and enjoy our current playable teaser build, while we continue working hard to finish the complete product.

Strobophagia is a first-person, competitive horror game set during an occult mediterranean forest rave. You play as one of two monsters, inspired by antique and modern folklore, hiding in plain sight among a sea of intoxicated ravers. Your goal is simple: find and kill the other player, before they find and kill you.

 While the goal of the two monsters is the same, their methods of achieving it are vastly different. One of you will skulk in the shadows, blending in with the raving crowd to avoid the gaze of the other player, whose task it is to identify which of the dancers is a murderous monster before it’s too late.


  • Unique asymmetric multiplayer horror gameplay.
  • An oppressive yet danceable dark-electro soundtrack.
  • A crowd of ravers with beautifully chaotic motion-captured dances.
  • Potential for high-level mind games.

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