Sunset Run | Xbox 360

Sunset Run
Xbox 360

Sunset Run is a race game created for the GameOff 2017 Jam. Stylized as the old line/vector display consoles, all the rendering is made line by line in a software renderer (except the background and some UI text), with some blur and scanlines applied to mimic the old screens. Back then, I didn't manage to finish it in time for the jam, so I didn't submit it. Some years later I looked into it again and decided to poke into it, clean some of the messy code and port it to WebAssembly for fun.

Recommended with some synthwave music :)

Tools Used

The game was programmed in C, using the SDL2 library with the SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf and SDL_FontCache extensions. The logo and background images were made in Gimp, and the 3D graphics were made in Blender and exported to the .txt files with some scripts.

Source Code

The source code of the project is available at GitHub, but bear in mind this was made by 2017 me when I started coding in C, so don't judge me too much :P