Super Ninja Frog Detective – Fruit Adventure!
Xbox One

Are you looking for the best 2D platform adventure game? Then don’t miss out Super Ninja Frog – Fruit Adventure! , the best new game in 2020, it’s free!

The beautiful World of Super Ninja Frog – Fruit Adventure! and his fruits are stolen by jumpy hooman monster! To save his beautiful World of fruits, the incredible Super Jumping Ninja Frog, needs to jump start his awesome super fruity world adventure,collect apple, bananas, cherries, kiwi, melon, orange, pineapple, strawberries while running & jumping, avoiding the monsters and death traps on the run, earn points, collect trophy and most importantly, fight the Hooman Boss who has stolen Super Ninja Frog Fruits.

1.Classic 2D platform game play – jump & run in the super fruit ninja world adventure, smash the monster, save fruits.
2.10 beautiful, challenging and addictive levels for adventuring – Infinite Mode Will Soon Come!
3.Play as a Super Fruit Ninja Frog while doing Jumping & Wall Sliding.
4.Tricky Levels To Finish.
5.Smooth retro game play, realistic physics, awesome graphics, great adventure worlds and beautiful music!
6.Epic Hooman Boss fight in Fruit World Adventure!
7.One of the best new games in 2020! Have fun in this classic platformer for free!

1. Press the Left, Right and Jump button to make Fruit Ninja Frog, the incredible jumping Frog, jump & run do wall sliding in the Fruit Adventure World
2. Eat apple, bananas, cherries, kiwi, melon, orange, pineapple, strawberries.
3. Shoot button to shoot hooman monster with arrows
4. Jump start your gaming and enjoying adventuring in the great fruit adventurer world!

Are you ready to enter the funny Fruit Adventure World, jump start your fruits world adventure, smash the roaming hooman monster and survive? Download Super Ninja Frog – Fruit Adventure! – a classic retro game and a funny 2D platform game – and start adventuring in this retro game aventure for free now!

Jump start your super fruit ninja frog adventure, jump, run & wall sliding, save your fruits world and bring your childhood arcade memories back!