Super Speed Machines | Nintendo Switch

Super Speed Machines
Nintendo Switch

Super Speed Machines brings frantic top-down racing action to the dual screens of the Nintendo DS. Race, bump and slide on the top screen, while keeping an eye on the track map on the bottom screen to avoid hazards and shortcuts. Get the edge on your opponents before you even leave the starting line, by secretly placing hazards of your own directly on the track map using the Touch Screen.


• Play with your friends in a 4 player race via local wireless!
• Exchange and merge Time Attack data between 2 players and try to beat each other’s times.
• Choose from 6 distinctive vehicles and unlock different paint jobs for them as you progress through the game.
• 48 total tracks on 8 unique environments.
• Interactive hazards and "on-track" boosts help you get the edge over your opponent.
• Find numerous paths and shortcuts integrated within each track.
• Win races to unlock more tracks and different skins for your vehicles.