Xbox One

NINJA×SUSHI×ZOMBI, a new spin on the classic Sushi Ninja Action genre. Throw sushi like ninja stars to protect your shop from the approaching zombies. Features
  • Throw pieces of wasabi-laden sushi like ninja stars into the mouths of approaching zombies!
  • If sushi goes into a zombie's mouth, it will explode from the awesome antibacterial properties of wasabi!
  • Tons of different zombies like fashionable city girls, surfers, and sumo wrestlers will attack you in waves!
  • Your shop will be destroyed when it is overrun by zombies; game over, man!
  • Perfect the art of SUSHIDO with three different difficulty levels; "apprentice", "craftsman", and "master"!
  • The three weapons of SUSHIDO are the key to victory!
  • Tuna Gatling Gun shoots sushi at high speeds and mows down zombies!
  • Fishy Caltrops pin zombies where they stand, use that opportunity to take them out!
  • Tuna Flamethrower immolates zombies in close combat with one big blast!