TAG: version 0.25 | Xbox 360

TAG: version 0.25
Xbox 360


You are a lone player and have to figure out how to avoid the Tagged players at all costs, the arrows will guide you.

How to play:

Obstacles are not your friends, whether they are blue or red, they are also not friendly with the tagged players. Use the obstacles to your advantage.

*tip: on the first stage of the game there are teleportation pads, it is up to you to find what they are and use them.

Use The WASD keys to move yourself around and the cursor allows you to pan around your view of the scene.

Use the left Shift key to sprint (this only increases the speed on the circular platform)**

Use the right Shift Key to rotate around your character, which allows you to see what is behind you.

Message from the creators:

This is Far District Software Studios first official publication of a game. We are proud to introduce TAG: version 0.1 and we hope that everyone enjoys playing it as much as we did making it. 

*tip: Be very careful, there are a lot of surprise obstacles in this game.

We hope that you enjoy playing the game!

Release Notes:

  • A difficulty system has now been put into place, the enemies become faster and more responsive as per level difficult selection.
  • Environment: The environment will disappear 15 seconds after player has passed over it, this is according to the easiest difficulty setting. The medium and hard settings make it progressively more difficult.
  • The Tagged: The difficulty setting increases the speed at which they react and chase you.
  • Mini Map has also been better scaled according to screen size.
  • UI has been better scaled for all screen sizes.