Tank Tots (Fresh Food) | Xbox One

Tank Tots (Fresh Food)
Xbox One

Play me is the start folder, its a bit  sloppy but its alright. 3 blue tanks vs one juggernaut of a tank. 

Blue Team

BOMBER TANK- Arrow keys, down arrow places bomb, after placing a bomb I recommend booking it and cooking it. Just get away from you own bombs and try not to kill your teammates because if you do they will cry ;-;

ONE SNIPY BOI- 8456 numpad controls, 5 is to shoot. Your bullets travel faster then all other tanks. Pew pew.  pow pow

RAT TAT TAT TAT- IJKL, K is to shoot. You shoot... a lot. Rat tat tat tat


Red Team (alone again naturally ;-;)

JUGGERNAUT- WASD, S is to shoot. Blue team is coming to kill you... some of them may be able to outsmart you, but its hard to outsmart bullets, lots of them. Lots of health too. 

 Music Credit-sawsquarenoise