Taste of Power | Xbox One

Taste of Power
Xbox One

"Taste of Power" is a game in the genre of RTS. The basis of the game world is the era of the alternative Medieval: world in which lands of Europe and China located close to each other. Due to this, take place clash of cultures, which did not happen in reality: the crusade to India, the samurai sailing to Byzantium, the invasion of Saracens into China ...

Mechanics "Taste of power" combines deep strategic elements with dynamic and diverse actions. Each unit is fundamentally different from representatives of other factions and is effective only in a certain situation. Thanks to this, one of the components of victory is the discovering of the enemy's troops and the creation of an army that functionally surpasses it. Another element of victory is the receiving of the economic advantage over the enemy. For this, the player needs to develop their cities and build new ones. Due to the fact that cities are vulnerable to enemy attacks, there is a significant increase in the need to control strategic positions, competent maneuvering by troops to defend their possessions and destroy enemy settlements.

If you are a fan of real-time strategy and you are close to the Medieval, the game will give you a new gaming experience and impressions.