Tennis8 | Xbox 360

Xbox 360

** Local multiplayer mode is currently being developed so it does not work right now. **

How to play?

You can move left and right using your left and right arrow keys. Player always stops at predetermined positions (there are 5 positions).

You hit the ball if you are positioned correctly when it arrives. It chooses a random position on the enemy court as soon as you hit.

You have to collect coins to gather powerups, which can be used using the Z and X keys, according to their position on your inventory.

These are the current powerups available:

  • Earthquake: Shakes the screen around making it more difficult to see where the ball is headed.
  • Curved ball: Ball changes direction mid-way.
  • Ghost ball: Ball becomes invisible until hit again.
  • Fast ball: Ball becomes a lot faster until hit again.
  • Time slower: Time slows down but players can still move quickly.


The game itself is a cross between Timber Tennis and Mario Kart, in the essence that it plays like pong (Timber Tennis style) but you are able to get random power-ups to help you beat the opponent.


The game is free to play on your browser (you are free to make any donations).

If you want to download a standalone executable (for Windows, Linux, OS and raspberry) you can do so at a small charge to help support further game development. 

In development 

The game is still being developed, with the current areas being worked on right now:

 - increase number of opponents and their variability

 - add local multiplayer support


Did you like it or hate it? Did you find any bugs? Would you like to have something different?

I'd love to hear your feedback!