TetraClicker | Xbox One

Xbox One

Usually, you want to avoid filling up the board, but here, it can become very rewarding! Set up insane combos and take advantage of both phases to earn as many points as possible!

In TetraClicker, the game switches between two phases: Tetris mode, and Collapse! mode; both named after the gameplay of their eponym games. In Tetris Mode, you gain points by clearing lines; the more you clear at once, the more extra points you get. A single line is worth 1000 points, but if you clear four lines at once, you get a whopping 16,000 points! However, the longer you stay in this mode, the faster the pieces fall. If a piece reaches the red zone, then the game switches to Collapse! Mode. In this mode, you have to click on groups of colour to get points. The bigger the groups, the more extra points you get, so plan ahead during the Tetris phase!

  • Left/Right : Move the piece around.
  • Up: Rotate the piece.
  • Down: Drop the piece.
  • Mouse: Click.