Tetris (itch) (ezez33) | Xbox 360

Tetris (itch) (ezez33)
Xbox 360

--- TETRIS (clone) ---

A remake of the classic 1984 Russian puzzle game.

Use full screen for a better experience.

=== GAMEPLAY ===

Single-player Tetris game with ten levels you can choose to start from.

Piece randomization uses a "bag system" of seven unique pieces.

This game doesn't implement the super rotation system or wall kicks, neither does it implement the hold mechanic.

=== CONTROLS ===

Rotate Tetrimino -  Z/X keys
Move Tetrimino - L/R arrow key
Hard drop Tetrimino - Space bar
Soft drop Tetrimino - Down arrow key

=== INFO ===

Programming and graphics by Sami S.

I created this game as a learning experience.