Teutoburg Trouble | Xbox One

Teutoburg Trouble
Xbox One

Welcome to Teutoburg Forest!

The forest is being invaded by pesky Romans! Can you rid your home from this invasion?

 (A first year GameDev prototype)


WASD or arrows:   move
A:    regular attack 
   alternate attack 
F:    block 
R:    pickup collectible / recruit allies at house (costs 5 food)
G:    drop weapon 
L:    laugh at the demise of your foes 
H:    munch some beets for health 
Z:    order allies around
B:    build menu / cycle menu
Y:    build, if enough resources
N:    cancel

left shift:   strafe
left ctrl:   stand still 

2 numpad:    decrease sound 
8 numpad:    increase sound 
5 numpad:    mute/unmute sound 

Building cost
  • Hut: 15 wood
  • Field:  8 wood and 1 beet
  •  project was made at DAE Howest by me
  • Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com
  • Music fragments by father and me
  • Menu art made by my brother