The Adventures of John Killbot Demo | Xbox One

The Adventures of John Killbot Demo
Xbox One

A proof of concept demo. Fast action 2d side scrolling shooter rpg. I'm very open to feedback on this game. I'm early in development. Hit me up with comments or critiques. You can play this game with a joystick or keyboard and mouse.

I need to add a tutorial. For right now you use the two thumbsticks of your joystick to play. The left thumbstick moves the ship and the right thumbstick fires in the direction you are pointing

I added Mouse and keyboard support, but just to let everyone know, ... this game is extremely difficult with just the key board and mouse. It’s much more normal of a difficulty when using a game pad.

Here are the controls for mouse and keyboard.

w - move up

s - move down

a - move left

d - move right

space button, or x button - action button 1 -- used to exit levels or make selections on level up screen

Enter Button or Numpad Enter Button - start game, or enter/exit level up/pause screen

Mouse left click - This shoots your bullets. Hold down the left mouse button while aiming at enemies to continuously fire.