The Cave

The Cave is a puzzle-platform/adventure video game developed be only one person – Ron Gilbert who previously worked in LucasArts. He had an idea for 20 years to create a game about cave that lures people in it to explore darkest sides of their personalities. The Cave uses similar concepts from other game made by the same creator – Maniac Mansion. There is a cast of seven different characters and the player should choose three of them to explore the cave. Most of the game’s puzzle require a cooperation of three characters in order to overcome tasks. Each character has its special abilities and some puzzles require specific abilities to overcome them. The game is designed to be replayed several times in order to know all the things, character combinations in puzzles and secrets.

The Cave tells a story about a talking cave which has labyrinthine set of tunnels within it. Seven different characters decide to go into the cave to learn something about themselves and who they might become.