The Curse Of Tuberculosis: Story | Xbox One

The Curse Of Tuberculosis: Story
Xbox One

Curse of Tuberculosis is a horror game where your goal is to survive the night. You have to find keys, and hide until  6am.  Play the story mode to unlock a new level of fun! Select among many modes to increase the fun and survive!

This pack includes:

  • The Curse Of Tuberculosis 
  • The Curse Of Tuberculosis  Story Mode
  • The Curse Of Tuberculosis  with all play modes unlocked
  • The Curse Of Tuberculosis  Original Soundtrack

Project Page:

This game has a story mode which the free version doesn't have

Want to play the game for maximum fun:

  • Use headphones
  • Put the volume as loud as you can
  • Play during the night
  • Play alone


  • C - Zoom
  • E - Interact

What's new:

  • Enemy AI V3 updated to Enemy AI V4
  • Enemy AI bug fixed
  • Fixed a bug where time would stop at 12:1
  • Added a new SFX
  • Added more doors

Older versions:

  • Enemy AI V2 updated to Enemy AI V3
  • Added for FX
  • Enemy AI V1 updated to Enemy AI V2
  • Added crosshair
  • Added support of a single key (E) to carry out multiple actions
  • TV now can be turned on/off
  • Enhanced gameplay(SFX, etc...)
  • Added more gamemodes
  • Added health