The Floor Is Lava (itch) (James O'Connell) | Xbox One

The Floor Is Lava (itch) (James O'Connell)
Xbox One

Why did you think it would be a good idea to go on holiday near an active volcano?

Quickly make your way over obstacles avoiding the lava below, if that wasn't difficult enough you must avoid being hit by falling hot magma. If you're too slow, the falling magma might destroy your only safe path, so hurry!


Player 1:

A = Move Left

D = Move Right

W = Climb Up

S = Climb Down

Space = Jump/Double Jump

Player 2:

Arrow Left = Move Left

Arrow Right = Move Right

Arrow Up = Climb Up

Arrow Down = Climb Down

CTRL = Jump/Double Jump


James O'Connell - All

Art/Sound - Free to use