The Heart Grows Cold - Jam Demo | Xbox One

The Heart Grows Cold - Jam Demo
Xbox One

Developed by Mental Inaction Games for My First Game Jam Winter 2020.

I had hoped I'd be able to finish this project within the 2 weeks given to me, but it looks like got in the way of that a bit. I'm still proud of what I made though, and I intend on finishing this properly over the next few weeks and giving this project the good polish it deserves. 

"Guilt gnaws at the soul like a ravenous wolf. Without closure, the heart grows cold and lifeless... trying to dull the pain as parts of yourself are ripped away."

  • 1 Player Only. 
  • Didn't have time to implement audio for this project, so there is supposed to be no sound.
  • Should fully support plug and play with controllers.
  • Window should automatically scale and resize to fit current display
  • Keyboard: Arrows to move, A+D to rotate camera manually, X to raise torch
  • Controller: Left stick or Dpad to move, Right stick or L+R Trigger to rotate camera manually, A/Bottom Face Button to raise torch.

Let me know about any issues and thoughts in the comments!