The Hollow's: Chapter One (Demo) | Xbox One

The Hollow's: Chapter One (Demo)
Xbox One


Note, this game was made by a 16 year old still taking classes in school there may be bugs, if you find any issues contact me at " [email protected] "

"The Hollow's" is a First Person Horror experience available on the PC inspired by works such as SOMA, Amnesia, and Outlast. This game takes place in 2016, your father is a military soldier always away in trips for work even bringing his prized work home, only to not tell his family about what he is up to. Many loud bangs happen in the basement that he dead bolts closed, forbidding either me or my mother to enter. You end up finding your way into the basement only to experience the true reason no one in the town was supposed to find out what was going on.


  • Walk - WASD
  • Sprint - LeftShift
  • Interact - E
  • Inventory - TAB
  • CamCorder - RightClick
  • Night Vision - F

Requirements -

  • Processor: Quad Core Recommended 2.8 Ghz
  • Graphics: GTX 970, 4GB VRAM Recommended
  • RAM: 4GB Minimum, 8 GB Recommended
  • 2 GB Storage Space Available

Credits -

A Game By John Sessoms (PythonViper14)

Chapter 1 FULL RELEASE Updates - j_christian_s_14 on Instagram

Controls are listed in the games main menu and pause menu