The Hunter (Mericita) | Xbox One

The Hunter (Mericita)
Xbox One

The legend sings that at the east of a minor sea,  some ancient ruins are waiting to be profaned. After several fights, Serath has found the ruins and is prepared to claim the  treasure for herself ... 

Pitily,  she does not know that the gold is guarded by an ancient spirit, Sevarog ...

Help Serath to find all the hidden  hammers and unlock the treasure chamber.

- Original Idea: Juan Gabriel Gomila and Carlos Coronado Muñoz, from their course "Development of video games with Unreal Engine" by Udemy.

- Characters and Animations: Serath and Sevarog belong to "Paragon". Assigned by Epic Games.
- High def. props: Belong to "Infinity Blade: Grass Lands". Assigned by Epic Games.
- Particles: Belong to "Infinity Blade: effects". Assigned by Epic Games.

What is my invention?  

HDRi, programming in UE4, inputs,  animation blend space and programmation, ambient, level design, projectiles, breakables, prop optimisation by LODs, cameras, cinematics, counters, HUDs ...

But mainly, I just hope you enjoy :)