The Last Clan: Tale of Oni {Demo} | Xbox One

The Last Clan: Tale of Oni {Demo}
Xbox One

Narasaki: home to the last clan of Oni. Moriko's tranquil life is shattered when her father, the clan head, is burdened with a mysterious illness. Soon, however, her clansmen learn about a magical artifact that could save him but cause great danger when held in the wrong hands.

Rated: PG-13 for mild swearing, action, and potential blood. 

Developer: Neeka
Writers: Neeka + LunaLotus
Sprites + CGs: Mythheme
Backgrounds + UI: Puppetbomb

-Four romance-able characters
-Multiple endings per route
-Colorful CGs, main and route-specific
-CG Gallery

This game will be brought to life through Kickstarter. Some of the rewards include in-game features (that will only happen if they're funded):

-Shingen's romantic route
-Point-n-click mini-games
-Character animations
-Partial voice acting
-A mobile port