The Recluse Chapter 1 | Xbox One

The Recluse Chapter 1
Xbox One

In the far future, adults can choose to become recluses and live far away from society, alone in space. Their right to do so is legally protected. Recluses aren't seen positively by society at large, especially the government and its police force.

Only if three next of kin request it can the police investigate a recluse's whereabouts. 

You've been sent to find out what happened to Recluse 709-V...

This game is a project I'm working on to familiarize myself with Unity but also hopefully tell an interesting and cool story. The intro is currently available to play. I'll update the downloadable each time more content is available. 

This game was made with free assets from the Unity store.

Current chapters: Chapter 1. Once you open the door, please wait for me to update the game :D


  • Look with mouse
  • Move with keyboard
  • Enter to interact