The Stray and The Sparrow | Xbox One

The Stray and The Sparrow
Xbox One

Story (Only sparrow, since that is the only one we developed as of now): 

You are a young sparrow, navigating the city at sundown. Upon a stroll down the street, the sparrow comes across an enticing orb, calling to him to consume it. The sparrow does, and thus begins the start of the sparrow's descent into addiction. 


A = move left 

D = move right 


Storm Kaffenberger: Producer, Creative Director, Scrum Master, Gameplay Engineer

Matt Boyer: Creative Director, Lead Gameplay Engineer, Audio Engineer, Technical Artist 

Katie Pearson: Lead Artist, Character Artist, Animator

Ross Woods: Composer, Audio Editor, Environment Artist, UI Artist

Carter Shipes: 3D Modeler, UI Artist 

*Heagney you have to download the game in order for all of the VFX to work properly. They are story essential!