The Subject: Reward Cycle (VR) | Xbox One

The Subject: Reward Cycle (VR)
Xbox One

Prisoner HH 21

You have been volunteered for testing in the Reward Cycle program within the Kohate testing facility. Your task is simple, interact with the reward modules that are deposited into your cell to stay alive.

Game Play

This is a simple VR mini-game where the player takes on the role of a prisoner shipped of the the Kohate complex. (See The Subject) The player must interact with the correct boxes dropped into the cell in order to stay alive and progress.

Holiday Present from DSD
I make a prototype on patreon every month but for the holidays, I wanted to make this one free to everyone until Christmas!  All you need is a VR headset .

If you would like to see other prototypes available only to Patreons, feel free to visit and have a look at the downloads section.