The Town of Little Snowdrop (YC-JAM) | Xbox One

The Town of Little Snowdrop (YC-JAM)
Xbox One

TechDemo of the The Town of Little Snowdrop

Cut wood, make ladders to pick fruit and play with cute little dinos in the demo of The Town of Little Snowdrop

arrows to move

x to pickup and grab

release to craft

z to use and jump

made in 20 hours for the YogsCast game jam

uses the Critter library heavily made by our little team: Leia (me), KJ, Vvolften, Flax and Kalixtan.

and the TheStack set of library's made by our team: Leia (me), KJ, and Kalixtan.

some GFX by:
the Style of the game is heavily based on games made by the Sokpop collective, go check them out.