There's A Snake In My Boot | Xbox One

There's A Snake In My Boot
Xbox One

This is a story driven action adventure western game. This game gives the player the chance to take on the role of the not so average hero James Marsten. This is a Top down shooter that is driven by encountering NPCS and taking on the main story quest line. Enemy encounters can also trigger story events and quest line succession. 

James Marsten a rancher and shoemaker, has his store visited by the Williamson Gang. His men come in and all buy new boots. When they get back to their hideout, the leader – Butch Williamson, is trying on his brand-new boots to find a snake has found it’s way into one of the pairs. Being a paranoid gang leader, he believes James put the snake in his boots to kill him. This is not the case, however Butch being the crazy man he is sends his gang to kill all of James’s cows to put him out of business and steal his favorite cow Bessie. This sets James on a path of revenge and justice to get back Bessie.