Thin Ice (Romma) | Xbox One

Thin Ice (Romma)
Xbox One

Thin Ice is a game about guiding a cute bunny across a dangerous frozen lake while mapping out and avoiding weak thin ice. The game works much like classic minesweeper. The game generates a grid of tiles which can either be safe or weak. 
When stepped on, all tiles (except tiles that aren't surrounded by weak tiles and the weak tiles themselves) reveal the number of surrounding weak tiles. In this game however you control a character, which limits how you can discover tiles and the goal is not to completely map the weak tiles, but to get across the lake to safety.

The game was made for the "My First Game Jam: Winter 2020" and marks as my second ever jam game.

I truly hope you enjoy my game and would love to hear feedback on the games page : )

Arrow keys to move.
R to retry.
Esc to close the application (the window close button works too).
Enter to start the game while in the menu.

The game has been built using my own game framework written in C++
and uses the following helpful libraries:

Also there are some sound effects by InspectorJ downloaded