Thunderblade Girl Squad | Xbox One

Thunderblade Girl Squad
Xbox One

So a wizard, a woman with a mysterious past, a furry, and a depressed guy walk into a tavern. Stop me if you’ve heard this one already. 

 If you’re looking for the greatest hack-and-slash adventure game of all time... well, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for an RPG full of intrigue, questionable heroics, and a few dad jokes, your eyeballs have found the right place.

In dark times, the world needs a hero. Sometimes a team of heroes. And, sometimes, a team of people who have been randomly thrown together and called heroes by a wizard of questionable sanity. 

Join the squad and help this hapless band of lukewarm acquaintances become a real team. Maybe even friends. Super friends, if you will. Only then will you be able to conquer the mysterious forces of darkness that have made these times, like, really dark. 

Game Designed and Developed by the SquadGoals team:

Carrie Moskal - Art Lead

Hazel Arroyo - Narrative Design Lead

Mitchell Loewen - Programming Lead


We do not store any player information from this game. Just have fun!