To Leave
Xbox One

Harm—a manic-depressive young man in possession of a magical, flying door—seeks to use an ancient, derelict technology to harvest the souls of his home-world and send everyone, and himself, to heaven.

Dear guest,

To Leave is a hard game.

Every element in To Leave—from its very opening all the way to its conclusion—has been crafted to challenge your skills, your wits, your intuition, and your perceptions. Most importantly, To Leave seeks to stir interpretations. Although much will be indecipherable to you from the onset, be assured that everything in this work is deliberate, everything is relevant.

Lend it your most profound attention.

You won't regret it.

Your's truly,


Game Info Fact Sheet

  • Each section of the game has unique aesthetics, hand painted and in a really meticulous way.
  • The music has been composed specifically for the game, and each and every experience that we want to transmit is designed by our musical team.
  • Innovative utilization of the flying mechanic: Harm uses his Door to transport himself, but it can only move upwards, which means that the player must learn to use gravity in his/her favor to solve the puzzles in the game.
  • The game uses Dynamic Storytelling: Each element of the game have been created and assembled in a way in which it narrates, in a symbolic way, different experiences to the player, reinforcing the holistic theme of the game.
  • Each puzzle is unique and for their resolution the player must use his/her physical and mental agility skills. Also resolving each puzzle, will reveal part of the present narrative of the game.
  • The game has a multi-genre nature, which means that the game uses more than one perspective to convey in a better more efficient way the story that is trying to tell.