Tomb (Colabratory, LawrenceParry) | Xbox One

Tomb (Colabratory, LawrenceParry)
Xbox One

Hold off against an endless onslaught of ghouls with your trusty crossbow. Tomb takes inspiration from old school shooters such as Doom and Quake, and fuses them with modern movement mechanics allowing you to duck and weave between swarms of enemies at lighting speed. Collect upgrades as the game goes on to become more powerful and lay waste to you enemies...

Nibbler: Fast and unrelenting, nibblers remain a constant threat. However they can easily be killed with a single shot or avoided with a jump.

Charger: Charges periodically charge towards the player, predicting where they are headed. They carry a gravestone which protects them from the front. Used the dash (shift) to avoid them and attack them from behind or target the weak spot on their eye.

Gravedigger: Gravediggers avoid the player and instead create Gravestones that spawn new enemies. Prioritize killing them first. Gravestones can be destroyed with a couple of shots to the eye.