Tomb Keeper | Xbox One

Tomb Keeper
Xbox One

You're the tomb keeper in the city's graveyard. During night, weird things happen and a lot of damage is done to the tombstones! You must repair them before the gates open in the next morning, when the visitors arrive. For how long can you keep the graveyard in good conditions?
Developed for the Global Game Jam 2020, with "Repair" as theme. to Play:
Pay attention to the event that caused damage to the tomb. Each event has a specific tool that fixes it and causes a different level of damage, ranging from 1 to 3. The higher the level, more time it takes to be fixed.
As soon as the event is complete, click on the correct tool at the bottom, and then, on the damaged tomb to fix it. If it's the correct tool, you'll see a timer next to the tomb, displaying the remaining time until it's fixed. At the end of the day, for each tomb left in Damage 3 level, you lose a life; if by the end of the day, all tombs are still being repaired, it's game over.

Débora Tavares (debdebwen) - 2D artist and animator

Game Design

Daniela Reigas (danikiedis) - gd/production
Vitor Vieira - script assistant

Willians Rodrigues

Gustavo Andrade (gustaandrade)
Paulo Borges 

Sound FX
all SFX under CC license downloaded from
edited by danikiedis