Too Angry to Space
Xbox One

Do you miss the times when games were not holding your hand? When they did not forgive mistakes and controls and rules were clear and simple to learn? YES? So you miss the 90s! Then prepare to travel back in time. As a cosmic marine Red Madson shoot, jump and kill the aliens who were so stupid to attack your base. Find the exit in 14 wide levels and get back to Earth.

Too Angry To Space encourages you to sit back, relax and get ready for some classic 2D side-scrolling action reinvented and reimagined! With its clever blend of platforming trickery and old-school pixel-perfect jump’n’fun, lock-and-load and embark on a dangerous mission to defend your base… Mission objective: kill robots, destroy enemies, kill more robots, survive and escape! Here you will find pure action without a post-rpg bullshit like leveling the hero or sneaking around.

  • Simple controls which allow you to play with just one hand. In the second one you can hold a beer (or soda if you are a minor).
  • Level of difficulty which requires skill but allows you to acquire them as the game goes on. You don’t have to remember to save your progress – the game does it for you, but if you die too many times, you will be punished.
  • 100% oldschool from 90s in graphics and also in gameplay.
  • 160 different rooms on 14 levels.
  • 4 types of weapons with 2 modes of use.
  • Parental controls - you can turn off the profanities and give this game to your children if you want.