Tool Assisted | Xbox One

Tool Assisted
Xbox One

Tool Assisted is a game inspired by tool assisted speedrunning (TAS), and developed for GAMES MADE QUICK??? 4. Due to running out of time, there's only one short level, but the basic TAS-inspired game mechanics are implemented, including pausing gameplay, frame advance, save states, and replaying.

The game's source is available at Github


The game is playable with either keyboard or controller. 

Move left and right with A/D or Left/Right keys, or left/right on the dpad.

Jump with Space or A (right face button) on controller

Pause with the Q or Z keys, or Y (left face button) on controller

While paused, advance frame-by-frame with E or X, or X (top face button) on controller

Bring up the save state menu with Esc or Start on controller

Replay the current inputs with Tab, or either shoulder on controller 

During a replay, you can press any of the above buttons and advance the frame to begin entering new inputs