Xbox One

Tormental is a rogue-like shooter where you battle your way through rooms flooding with monsters conceived by no other than Mental, the demi-god of destruction.

Deep into an abandoned temple of Egypt lies a cursed artifact, an ancient device capable of the unthinkable; Could this be the key to enter the mind of the demi-god of destruction: Mental?

This may be your only chance to delve deep into the twisted world of its mind, where [Sam]'s quest will lead him against reckless hordes of monsters product of Mental's wicked imagination. Blast your way through the most hideous corners of its mind, and prepare for a brain-melting showdown!

  • Fight against the wicked imagination inside the mind of Mental, destructive demi-god and Serious Sam's arch enemy, in an attempt to stop him once and for all.
  • Battle your way through rooms flooding with freaks and monsters.
  • Sam is not the only one aiming for glory, play one of the many characters that dare to go through the depths of Mental's mind.
  • Colourful worlds full of traps and surprises.
  • Play together in Co-op mode.

Key Points:

  • Roguelike shmup
  • Local co-op multiplayer
  • 3D graphics, 2D precision and visibility
  • Dungeon evolution: the game starts simple, player learns the basic, over time while playing more content is unlocked and the game becomes more complex ( new enemies, bosses, dungeon modifiers, weapons, upgrades, characters, etc. )