【Touhou】Mawaru Marisa | Xbox One

【Touhou】Mawaru Marisa
Xbox One


Marisa is on the run after stealing from the Three Fairies of Light. A shame she is barely on her senses and completely forgot how to fly or use magic spells. But she has a plan. Just spin and crash against the fairies at full speed!

Hold your finger against the screen to start spinning and release to dash. It's that simple!
Just remember to dodge all the danmaku on the way.

Try and help Marisa fight the fairies for as long as possible before she gets kicked off her broom and into sobriety.

The game features 2 game modes:

-Arcade Mode-
The main game mode. Spin, dash, fight fairies and dodge danmaku for as long as you can.

-Zen Mode-
An unlockable sandbox for you to spin and bounce around with some toys.

This is my first ever mobile game. Thank you so much for downloading!

Please, enjoy this Casual Danmaku experience!

(There was supposed to be an HTML5 version buuuuuuuuuuuuuut shit just aint working for some reason lmao. Sorry lads.)



Game Design/Programming/Sound And Music: Me! here's my twitter lmao


Once again this game wouldnt be possible without the help of my extremely talented lads. Please check out their amazing stuff:

Sprites/UI:  https://twitter.com/hogwashdev

Logo/Bullets:  https://twitter.com/tzumazaki

Game Over Illustration: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowsuccs/


This is a fanwork of the touhou project series. Please don't sue me ZUN.