Towncastle Creation | Xbox One

Towncastle Creation
Xbox One

Build something in a hexagonal grid! There's no goal or time limit, just let your imagination flow. Use any of the few dozen objects to build a town, castle or whatever else you like.


  • WASD: Move the camera
  • Mouse: Select a position or an existing object
  • Left Click: Place object
  • Right Click: Remove object
  • Scroll Wheel: Raise and lower the object
  • Left Shift + Scroll Wheel: Raise and lower the object (half steps)
  • 1 and 2: Change object
  • Q and E: Rotate object
  • Left Alt + Scroll Wheel: Change object
  • Left Ctrl + Scroll Wheel: Rotate object
  • Left Ctrl + Left Click: Hide object
  • Left Shift + Left Click: Copy object
  • Left Shift + Right Click: Copy object rotation
  • F: Unhide all objects
  • R: Remove all objects
  • Esc: Pause

As the game is still in very early development, a lot will change in future updates. This includes, but is not limited to: new objects, new build areas, textures, saving your creations, and quality-of-life features.

Any feedback is much appreciated!