Travis | Xbox 360

Xbox 360

By Jess Erion, Sasha Scudder, and Krishan Rajaratnam

A narrative physics-based game that tries to juggle many ideas and concepts at once, ported from iOS to WebGL.  You may have to zoom out of the webpage to get the game to fit properly in your browser window.

Featuring voice acting by Alina Constantin and Charlie Harper.

This game is an abbreviated and redesigned version of a longer mechanically-intensive narrative we had planned out. This version of the game has 5 levels, with the first and fifth (where the arc concludes) primarily serving as narrative set-pieces. There is quite a bit of cut content and we had to remove some already implemented mechanics (such as bombs, gravity changes, and vacations) for design simplicity, and also because many of these mechanics had not yet been play-tested. A future iteration of the game would probably include more of these cut mechanics and storylines. Do try and see if you can beat the game! The difficulty is quite a bit toned down from the mechanically intense cut levels we had designed (although it is still a bit challenging).

Made at the NYU Game Center for Game Studio 1.