TREASON! | Xbox 360

Xbox 360


Play as a paranoid King, who does not know his enemy, the character destined to commit treason!

This game was completed in 3 hours for the TriJam #51 where the theme was "Who is the enemy?". Given the short time frame allowed, this is just a proof of concept of the game I eventually would like it to be. I did not have time to record any sounds or music, so the ones in the game are "placeholders", and the only animations I had time to do are very simple head bobs. Also, this game is probably extremely unbalanced had I had no time to play-test. Any feedback, therefore, is much appreciated.


One does not win. You're already a winner, you're a KING! The aim of the game is to stay alive as long as you can and have a long reign.


On your turn, you must move onto one of the 8 tiles adjacent to you (that are not occupied by characters), alternatively you can move to the CASTLE from anywhere on the board.

If any character ends up in your COURT (the red square around you), you can see their opinion of you. This may change during the game, but + is a positive opinion (allies) and - is a negative opinion (rebels). There is a designated TRAITOR at the start of the game, whose opinion of the King will always be negative (so if you have a good memory, you can work this out). 

Any character in your COURT will gain (a variable amount of) POWER (sword icon). The POWER YOU gain is equal to the amount of characters in your COURT at the end of your turn. 

If the TRAITOR enters your COURT there is a chance TREASON WILL BE COMMITTED! Treason is committed if the combined strength of the TRAITOR AND REBELS (in your COURT) is GREATER THAN the combined strength of YOU AND ALLIES (in your COURT) AND the CASTLE if you are ADJACENT to the CASTLE.

If the TRAITOR enters your COURT and the combined rebel forces are less than your own, nothing happens... 

If the TRAITOR enters your COURT, but YOU are INSIDE THE CASTLE, then treason will only be committed if the TRAITOR'S POWER (ALONE) is GREATER THAN the CASTLE'S STRENGTH.


Every turn you end where you are NOT inside/adjacent the CASTLE, the CASTLE GAINS STRENGTH.

Please post your record reign below and give your feedback regarding improvements to gameplay or mechanics, as well as any bugs.


Music: [Fantasy Ambience] by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Sounds: Sound effects obtained from