Treasure Miceland (Pre-alpha) | Xbox One

Treasure Miceland (Pre-alpha)
Xbox One

How to play:

-Right and left arrows to walk.

-Up to jump.

-While jumping, press Down to dig a hole.

-Press Z to dig an horizontal hole.

-Press Space to go to the next level (Used for testing [I didn't remove it {lack of time}])

-Escape closes the game.


-Collect all the coins to reveal the map.

-Grab the map to reveal the treasure chest.

-Touch the treasure chest to finish level.

-There are only 3 very short levels (1 minute of gameplay or less).

The game is in a very early stage, I couldn't finish it properly due to lack of time. 
This is like the 10% of what my initial idea was -\_(._.)_/-

Maybe soon in the near future I could finish it, because I liked the idea.

Thank you for playing!